Essential updates in refugee and immigration case law and legislation

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The only service of its kind in Australia, Refugee Legal: Digest is a subscription service providing essential updates in refugee and immigration case law and legislation, with news and analysis on significant policy developments.

The monthly e-service draws on the expertise of the experienced  immigration lawyers in the Refugee Legal team led by Executive Director David Manne in a partnership with legal experts and academics.

Its comprehensive coverage of refugee and immigration law and policy is designed to keep commercial law firms, pro-bono legal practices, migration lawyers, university law schools, students, non-profit legal centres and other NGOs always up to date and informed on the issues that matter to them and their clients.

Refugee Legal: Digest lead author/editor, Greg Hanson, has over 12 years of professional experience in Australian domestic refugee/protection and immigration law. Prior to joining Refugee Legal in 2013, he worked for more than eight years as a senior legal advisor and legal advisor for the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal and the Department of Immigration.

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