How to access our free legal service.

Please note with the current COVID-19 situation, all legal advice and assistance is by telephone and video conference until further notice.

Telephone Advice

If you need advice about a refugee or immigration matter, you must first call our free telephone service which operates at the following times:

Telephone advice is available by calling (03) 9413 0100.

Please tell us if an interpreter is needed.

You must call the telephone advice line service to access any of our advice and casework services.

Evening Advice Service

This service operates by appointment.

You must make an appointment to attend this service. Make an appointment by calling the telephone advice service (03) 9413 0100 at the times listed above.

Refugee Legal Temporary Protection (TPV/SHEV) Visa Clinics

Legal Assistance for ‘Fast Track’ Applicants – to be interviewed by 30 June 2021
Call: 03 9413 0101 or Email from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

We will discuss with you what is needed to access one of our Specialist Legal Clinics.  Please tell us if an interpreter is needed.