In addition to medical evacuation, there have been range of complex developments impacting the over 700 people still held in cruel limbo in PNG and Nauru, as well as over 1,000 people have been brought back to Australia for medical treatment.

Recently, the PNG Government detained over 50 asylum seekers in Bomana Detention Facility in Port Moresby, including some men approved for transfer under the medevac laws. As we stated at a recent Senate Inquiry, we are currently assisting some of these men, and the situation is of profound concern.

In the meantime, the PNG Government offered those remaining on Manus the option of transfer to Port Moresby. As we commented in the media, while this may provide a preferable short-term option for many, it does nothing to address the fundamental issue at stake: where and when will these people be resettled to safety so that they can rebuild their lives with dignity. [media link]

As well, while the US-Australia Resettlement deal continues to see refugees resettled from PNG, Nauru and Australia, the US has recently set a new deadline of 20 September for refugees offshore or here to register their interest in applying for resettlement. In response, we have established a special legal Clinic to advise people.  For more information, see our Information Sheet.