While attention has rightly focussed on the plight of people trapped in offshore detention, a slow-motion crisis continues onshore.  The re-elected Government remains committed to the unfair Fast Track process and only temporary protection for people who’ve arrived by boat.  A process that inflicts further harm on people who have fled from harm and  keeps them in a perpetual state of uncertainty – cut off from a secure future and from family reunion

Right now, there are 31,000 people subject this process – trapped in legal limbo at various stages of the  process.

Over the next three years one of the greatest challenges is to ensure that these thousands of  people subject to this onerous, complex and unfair process get the legal assistance they need.

At Refugee Legal we continue to do all that we can to respond to this crisis.

We are scaling up our highly effective Clinic Program – in partnership with over 15 law firms –  to ensure as many people as possible get the legal help they need.   This includes providing vital legal assistance to the thousands of people who are being called to an interview with the Department of Home Affairs about their case. For those who are refused by the Department of Home Affairs, we’re advocating on review. Or assisting those that need to reapply for their visa as their temporary visa expires.

We also continue to advocate for change including calling for the abolition of temporary protection and the swift conversion of  permanent protection as part of our work for urgent and much-needed change to help break the cycle of injustice. In the interim calling for the expansion of pathways for permanency.