High Court Challenge

Tuesday, November 28 2023

I’m writing to update you on our work helping people impacted by the recent High Court ruling on indefinite detention and the Government’s new laws imposing conditions on people freed which severely constrain their liberty. Today, our client, a 37 year-old Afghan Hazara man – and refugee – has filed a High Court legal challenge […]

Australia ponders asylum-seeker issue after court ruling frees 100 – Nikkei Asia

Friday, November 17 2023

SYDNEY — Around 100 asylum-seekers in Australia have been freed after the High Court ruled their detention to be unconstitutional last week, as activists celebrate the “momentous” decision that has thrown up questions for the government over those still in custody. The ruling on Nov. 8 ends Australia’s controversial practice of detaining asylum-seekers indefinitely, generally […]

Labor accused of caving to Dutton as ‘draconian’ bill restricting released detainees is passed: ABC News

Thursday, November 16 2023

Labor has been accused of caving to Peter Dutton after it agreed to a slate of Coalition amendments to toughen restrictions on people released from detention so as to pass “draconian” emergency legislation on bridging visas. The bill, introduced on Thursday by the immigration minister, Andrew Giles, adds conditions, including electronic monitoring and curfews, to […]

Grattan on Friday: A government in a big hurry gives opposition some wins on ex-detainees

Thursday, November 16 2023

It’s not very often we see a bill marched through parliament at such a pace as this week. After being caught on the hop by the High Court, the government has brought in emergency legislation to strengthen its powers to control more than 80 people, some of them serious criminals, it has been forced to […]

Australia passes laws to handle migrant convicts who can’t be held indefinitely or deported: AP News

Thursday, November 16 2023

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Migrants with criminal records face up to five years in prison for breaching their visa conditions under emergency legislation passed by the Australian Parliament on Thursday. The new legislation was in response to a High Court ruling that foreigners can’t be detained indefinitely as an alternative to deportation. The government said […]

Labor to fast-track new laws to deal with High Court ruling on detainees: The Age

Wednesday, November 15 2023

The Albanese government will on Thursday introduce new laws to deal with a landmark High Court ruling that it was illegal to hold people in immigration detention indefinitely and hopes to pass the legislation by the end of the week. In a sign of how the federal government is scrambling to pull together its legislative […]

Detainees released without visas after High Court decision in immigration revelation: ABC News

Wednesday, November 15 2023

Some of the detainees released from immigration detention were sent into the community without visas, a revelation that appears to contradict what the federal government has said in recent days. A letter provided to some of the detainees upon release, which the ABC has seen, stated their status “at least for now” was “as an […]

Eighty people already freed from Australia’s immigration detention since landmark high court ruling: The Guardian

Monday, November 13 2023

The immigration minister has revealed that 80 people have so far been released from immigration detention since the high court ruled it is unlawful to hold those with no realistic prospect of deportation. On Monday Andrew Giles sought to allay community concern about the releases, which have included Malaysian hitman Sirul Azhar Umar, by saying […]

Landmark High Court ruling paves way to end indefinite detention for asylum seekers with nowhere to go: ABC News

Wednesday, November 8 2023

The High Court has ruled a Rohingya man from Myanmar has been unlawfully detained in immigration detention, paving the way to end indefinite detention for other asylum seekers who have no immediate other country to go to. Under a previous High Court ruling, which was sparked by another man, Ali Ahmed Al-Kateb, it was legal for […]

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