End of Year Appeal

Monday, December 9 2019

End of Year Appeal: Help us fight on the next front for evacuation In the wake of the Federal Government’s repeal of the Medevac laws, there are many women and men still trapped offshore needing urgent evacuation. Lives remain at risk. And I want to assure you that we’re now fighting for evacuation on the […]

Medevac laws repealed

Wednesday, December 4 2019

Federal Government tears down life-saving Medevac laws Today marks a devastating development in Australia’s treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum. The Federal Government has repealed the Medevac laws – laws which were saving lives. Laws which put doctors, not politicians, at the heart of decisions about critically ill people held in offshore detention. The […]

State of Refugee Policy – 100 days on

Saturday, September 14 2019

Just over 100 days after the Federal election, many are asking: What now is the state of refugee policy in our country? What’s clear is that the deterrence agenda underpins it. Read more… https://tinyurl.com/y62zbz2c

We know what injustice looks like. And we know how to fight it.

Tuesday, May 28 2019

Dear Friend of Refugee Legal, I wish I was writing in better times. But in truth, the situation for people seeking asylum has never been more dire. We know what injustice looks like. And we know how to fight it. Will you stand with Refugee Legal to combat this situation? There are thousands of people […]

Washington Post Op-Ed: This is what happens when we prioritize protecting borders over people

Tuesday, February 12 2019

This is what happens when we prioritize protecting borders over people By David Manne and Kate Fitzgerald February 12 David Manne is executive director of Refugee Legal, and Kate Fitzgerald is a lawyer at Refugee Legal. While the United States continues to grapple with the ongoing detention of children at the southern border, another child […]

Refugee Legal Emergency Appeal

Friday, December 7 2018

Donations matched dollar for dollar by Peter McMullin until 25 December Thousands of people seeking asylum in our country and on Nauru and Manus Island face a continuing emergency. Under Federal Government policies, these vulnerable people who’ve fled from atrocities and persecution in places like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Syria and Sri Lanka have been subjected to […]

Al Jazeera interview with David Manne

Tuesday, November 20 2018

Manus Island Refugees – Petition for PNG Court Decision

The 1 October deadline: one year on

Thursday, October 4 2018

Dear Friend, Early last year, the Federal Government imposed an arbitrary and final deadline of1 October 2017 for the 31,000 asylum seekers who had arrived by boat in Australia. Under this ‘lodge or leave’ policy, people were told to lodge a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) application under the so-called Fast Track process by the deadline, […]

Abhorrent and wrong: Refugee Legal’s Statement on Senator Anning’s Speech

Friday, August 17 2018

This week, Senator Fraser Anning delivered a maiden speech that was abhorrent and fundamentally wrong. It has rightly been condemned across the public and political landscape of our nation. In less than two minutes, Senator Anning proposed a ban on Muslim immigration, a return to what would be akin to the White Australia policy, argued […]

David Manne appears on ABC 7.30

Wednesday, May 23 2018

Hundreds of Commonwealth Games attendees are asking for protection visas Lawyer David Manne says he is representing a number of people who attended the Commonwealth Games and are now seeking asylum in Australia.