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Amali faces her final ruling

Sunday, March 18 2018

Dear Linda,

Amali* – a 45 year-old Sri Lankan Tamil woman and single mother of three – is facing the final ruling on her fate.

She fled to Australia by boat six years ago, together with her three daughters. She needs our help.

Amali is one of thousands of people – 15,000 nationwide – with a common predicament. They all lodged protection visa applications by the 1 October 2017 deadline. Now, under the second phase of ‘Fast Track’ processing, they’re being called to a last chance interview with the Department of Home Affairs about their case – or seeking limited review without a hearing.

Amali has just been issued her interview date. Her plight may be common, but like others, her story is unique. And to get protection, her story must be told.

In 2010, she fled with her daughters after her husband was ‘disappeared’ by the Sri Lankan army. With courage, they decided to seek freedom from a life of constant dangers and abuse, including gender-based violence.

Amali has come to us in desperate need of help. Legal assistance remains absolutely essential under this process. Without it, serious miscarriages of justice remain a real risk.

You can help break the cycle of injustice.

Thousands of people need our expert legal help as they face their final ruling.

Your donation will help people like Amali to get a fair go before the law – and that vital legal permission to stay and build a better life in safety and with dignity.


David Manne
Executive Director & Principal Solicitor
Refugee Legal

PS – Amongst the many needs of people seeking asylum from persecution, their greatest need is for the legal permission to stay.

* Personal details have been changed to protect confidentiality

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