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End of Year Appeal

Sunday, December 17 2017

Right now you can defend the rights of refugees

As I write, people seeking asylum in our country face a continuing emergency.

First, they were forced to apply for protection by the arbitrary deadline of 1 October. Now, they face assessment of their applications under the Federal Government’s ‘Fast Track’ process. This process is complex and onerous. Basic legal safeguards have been stripped away.

Right now, there are thousands of people seeking refugee protection who urgently need our legal help as they go through this process. There are 7,000 in Victoria alone, and over 14,000 nationally. Their greatest need is to be granted protection – the legal permission to stay.

Providing expert legal help is at the heart of what we do. Read about our targeted legal help here.Please donate today so that we can help these vulnerable people get a fair assessment of their cases.

Legal help is absolutely essential for people to effectively present their case for protection – people who’ve fled from human rights atrocities in places like Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

Ultimately, people could be deported to danger – even death – without getting a fair a go before the law.

Compassionate Australians did not create this problem … but you be can part of the solution.

We were only able to assist thousands of people to apply before 1 October because of the generosity of many supporters who gave to our emergency appeal. But that was just the first stage.

What we need now is the funding to help those in need in this next stage of processing.

We’ll continue to ensure that your donation makes the biggest possible impact by leveraging the support of over 550 volunteers and over a dozen corporate law firms.

In launching our End of Year Appeal today, I’m asking you to defend the rights of refugees with a tax deductible donation.

Your gift will be put to work immediately.

Help us to help refugees who deserve a fair go before the law and the chance to build a better life in safety and with dignity.

Best wishes,

David Manne
Executive Director/Principal Solicitor

Refugee Legal

P.S. We’re continuing to provide critical legal help to people held under ‘offshore processing’ on Manus Island and Nauru.

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