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On World Refugee Day, a message from David Manne

Tuesday, June 20 2023

Today, on World Refugee Day, amidst the soaring numbers of people fleeing violence and persecution globally – now an unprecedented 110 million – we honour their remarkable courage and hope in the face of such tragic upheaval.

This year, World Refugee Day focuses on the power of inclusion and solutions for refugees: Hope away from Home. A World where refugees are always included.

Our work gives hope. It brings hope. And it changes lives.

As Gillian Triggs, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant High Commissioner for Protection with UNHCR, wrote several years ago when a Patron of Refugee Legal:

“We know that, above all, people forced to flee from danger in their home country need a safe haven. That is their right. They need to rebuild their lives in safety. To do that, they first and foremost need the legal permission to stay.

When it comes to helping refugees and people seeking asylum, the first priority should be on providing accurate legal advice.

It is the legal assistance that will save lives and provide durable solutions.

Our help at this time is best directed at releasing people from that legal twilight zone by giving them access to the specialist legal support provided by Refugee Legal and the pro bono support from legal firms.”

Right now, we are helping many people with predicaments which could hardly matter more: seeking protection from persecution, a pathway to permanency, safety from family violence, freedom from detention and reuniting with family.

Our unique strength, based on more than 35 years of experience, is in providing expert legal advice and assistance to people who need a safe place where they can restart their lives with hope, dignity – and a sense of belonging.

Today, on World Refugee Day, that’s what we’re doing – as we do every day – using our knowledge and experience, together with over 600 volunteers and 24 major law firm partnerships, to help people build a safe future in Australia.

At the same time, we are fearlessly advocating for change so desperately needed.

Today is an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to effectively respond to the scale and nature of the humanitarian crises in so many countries. Now, more than ever, we need to stand together with refugees.

Thank you to the many people who have already donated to our End of Financial Year Appeal. You’ve helped us meet the generous dollar-for-dollar match of $75,000 provided by our pro bono law firm partners.

If you haven’t already, please consider giving to our End of Financial Year Appeal.


Sincerely and with thanks,

David Manne
Refugee Legal
Executive Director & Principal Solicitor


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