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Help us fight for justice and freedom

Friday, December 8 2023

Events since the High Court’s ruling on indefinite detention are a powerful reminder that a big battle for justice still lies ahead.

And the need for legal help has never been greater.

DONATE to our End of Year Appeal to help us fight for justice and freedom.

Right now, we are providing legal assistance to many people directly affected by the recent High Court ruling and the Government’s new laws imposing conditions on people which severely constrain their liberty.

Conditions which include ankle bracelet monitoring devices and curfews from 10.00pm to 6.00am daily, and indefinitely. Although they’ve been freed, for people we’re helping it’s akin to being indefinitely detained again.

We are challenging these conditions in the High Court on the basis they are punishment which cannot be imposed by the Government as they are unconstitutional and unlawful.

We are also assisting many others still detained to seek freedom on the basis of the High Court ruling.

The battle for justice demands a big reform agenda and swift action. It must start here:

  • Fundamental reform so that immigration detention is only ever used as a last resort
  • Establish a reassessment process for people refused temporary protection
  • Increase the Refugee and Humanitarian intake significantly
  • Resolve the situation of all people held in PNG and Nauru, and those brought back, offering enduring protection
  • Expand options for family reunion

Every day, we will be fearlessly defending the rights and lives of thousands of people who seek our help, while advocating for major reform – and justice.

Please consider giving to our End of Year Appeal.


David Manne
Refugee Legal
Executive Director & Principal Solicitor

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