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Wednesday, December 13 2023

Every day, we work fearlessly to defend the rights and lives of thousands of people who seek our help, while advocating for major reform – and justice.

Please donate to our End of Year Appeal so we can help people like Ibrahim

In 2009, Ibrahim*, a stateless man from the Middle East, fled in fear and arrived by boat in Australia. All his life he had lived under constant abuse, victimisation and exploitation – all because he was stateless.

In 2010, Ibrahim was granted permanent protection in Australia. He was finally able to live in safety, security and with dignity. Ibrahim found permanent employment for the first time and saved to buy a house.

However, in 2020 – 10 years after he was granted permanent protection – the Department decided that he was not stateless after all and cancelled his permanent visa. Ibrahim was devastated.

As he had arrived in Australia by boat, he was not eligible for a bridging visa while he waited for the Tribunal to consider his appeal against the cancellation of his visa. For twenty months he was not able to work nor have access to Medicare and other basic supports. This placed a severe toll on his mental and physical health and created great hardship for him.

In desperation, Ibrahim contacted us for legal help. With our vital legal assistance, the Tribunal found that he had indeed been stateless prior to his arrival in Australia and reinstated his visa.

After this terrible cycle of uncertainty, Ibrahim was very relieved and grateful for our support. Once again, he has a chance to rebuild his life here in Australia.

Our profound thanks to the many of you who have already donated to our End of Year Appeal.

If you haven’t already, please consider giving to our End Year Appeal.


David Manne
Refugee Legal
Executive Director & Principal Solicitor

* Name and certain details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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