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National Volunteer Week | Thank you from Refugee Legal

Friday, May 22 2020

Dear Linda,

Refugee Legal is an organisation that relies upon the support and the generosity of the community to enable us to do the vital work that we do. You are that community. Thank you all for being with us through these unprecedented times and for your continued support.

This week is National Volunteer Week,  and we are celebrating the contribution of our 550 strong volunteer team. These volunteers are so much more than lawyers, barristers, medical experts, Migration Agents, students and retirees; they are people who truly believe in justice and step up every day to be partners in our work. They undertake complex tasks, work with vulnerable clients and form important connections with us and with each other. I am privileged to be able to be a part of this incredible team of people who take time away from their families and other parts of their lives to give generously to those seeking Australia’s protection.

The theme of National Volunteer Week 2020 is “Changing Communities. Changing Lives” and is a fitting reminder that the work that our volunteers undertake changes so many lives and the very fabric of our society. Volunteers, in every interaction, give not only their time but also give clients back some of what has been lost in their journey. Refugee Legal volunteers are in the business of restoring humanity. They do this every day – with kindness, empathy and hope for a better, more humane and just future. For this, we are all so pleased to wish our team a happy, memorable National Volunteer Week.

Although we can’t be with you this week, David and I wanted to send a message of thanks which you can view here:

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